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Serene Electrical provides a comprehensive range of electrical services designed to fulfill workplace safety standards in commercial businesses.

We provide Programmed Preventative Maintenance (PPM) in monthly or 6-monthly intervals. This ensures your electrical devices and systems are performing as they should while increasing their working life. Preventative maintenance assists businesses to eliminate their exposure to safety hazards, protecting them from liability and their employees from unnecessary harm.


Our Commercial Electrical services also include:

Residual Current Device testing
Emergency lighting
Equipment testing and tagging
Thermal imaging
Data services


Residual Current Devices

RCDs (safety switches) only provide ongoing protection if they are operational. We provide RCD testing, repair, replacement and upgrade services.

Serene Electrical can also supply and install your safety switches to make sure the workplace is safe and employees are protected against electric shock. Compliance with the relevant AS/NZS 3760 RCD safety standard is essential in commercial buildings.


Emergency Lighting

Long-term reliability is crucial for emergency lighting to ensure that it functions properly and meets statutory obligations during an emergency.

Australian standards, AS/NZS 2293 Parts 1, 2 and 3, cover the function and maintenance of emergency lighting in commercial buildings.

Under these standards, emergency and exit lighting must be inspected and undergo a 90-minute discharge test of batteries every 6 months. Failure to comply could result in financial penalties and also jeopardise the safety of the occupants of the commercial premises.

Serene Electrical provides testing of emergency and exit lighting and replacement, repair and upgrade services. We also supply and install AC & DC emergency lighting.


Data Services

Communications and Data equipment, infrastructure and networks are crucial to the success of a business.

Serene Electrical offers services for the installation, upgrade and/or relocation of data phone outlets and the installation and servicing of audio-visual equipment.

We are experienced in the areas of wireless, optical and hybrid networks and total communications network management.


Thermal Imaging – Infrared Thermographic Scanning

Thermal imaging assists in locating ‘hot spots’ caused by defects in electrical connections and components.

Advance detection of potential problem areas in equipment will assist in avoiding the expense and down-time that equipment failure and damage may bring to a business.

Serene Electrical’s thermal imaging service can play a role in maintaining the productivity of a business and the safety of its employees.


Equipment Testing and Tagging

Businesses are required to maintain compliance with Australian Standards by testing and tagging electrical equipment.

Serene Electrical provides testing and tagging services through our safety inspections of electrical equipment according to agreed timelines and schedules with our clients.



Our Electricians support clients by notifying them when test and tag obligations are due to ensure commercial businesses are compliant with current Australian workplace standards.



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